Feb 6, 2010

7 The History of Kamen Rider

I saw the legend through my very own eyes,i wrote the story of them for our descendant ,for the hero not to be forgotten,for their battle cry to be heard for the next thousand years.Henshin.

The History of Kamen Rider

75,000,000 years ago: FOG comes to earth & Kills the dinosaurs

1,000,000 years ago: Kuuga fight the Gorogi & is the put in a coffen. black Joker was sealed

1,000 years ago: Gorgom is created

Warring States era: Past Hibiki & other rider fight the Makamou
edo period: Gaoh fights Zeronos & obtains Gao-liner

1729: The den-o gang fights one last battle. against a crapload of Imagins. Shiro is final at peace.

1940's: shocker is created.

1968: During a solor ecilpes Kotaro & Nobiko are born

April 3rd 1971: Hongo becomes Kamen rider 1

1971: Ichimonji becomes Kamen rider 2, Hongo leaves to fight Shocker in Europe. Meteor with Native worms comes to earth. ZECT is created.

1972: Ichimonji leaves to South america to fight Geldman

1973: Shocker is destroyed. Gel-shocker is created. Kamen rider Gaia is frozen for 30 years. Gel-shocker is destroyed. Destron is created. Kazami becomes Kamen rider V3. Yuki becomes Riderman. Riderman "dies" only to have washed up on an Island and being hunt down by interpol & Marsal Armor. Destron is destroyed.

1974: GOD is created. Keisuke becomes Kamen rider X. GOD is destroyed. Geddon attacks in africa to steal the GaGa brace. Yamamato becomes Kamen rider Amazon. Geddon is destroyed.

1975: Garanda Empire is created. Mole-man Dies. Garanda Empire is destroyed. black satan is created. Shigeru becomes Kamen rider Stronger. Black Satan is destroyed leading the creation of Delza army. Electro Wave Human Tackle dies. 7 riders destroyed Delza army.

1977: V3 & Amazon fight CRIME big four with Kikaider, Goranger, & JAKQ

1979: Neo-Shocker is created. Tsukuba becomes Skyrider. Neo-shocker is destroyed by the 8 riders.

1980: Dogma kingdom is created. Kazuya becomes Kamen rider Super-1.

1981: Dogma Kingdom is destoyed leading the creation of Jin Dogma. 8 rider return to help Super-1. Jin Dogma is destroyed.

1982-84: Riders fight around the world 1 in america, 2 in Gamon V3 in Egypt, X in Europe, Amazon in Brazil, Stronger in Japan, Skyrider in Norway & Super-1 on the moon. Bandan Empire is created. Murasame becomes Kamen rider ZX. Ambassidor Darkness dies. The 10 riders destroyed Bandan Empire. also Taki becomes Skullrider

1986: Fangire hunters hunt Fangires. The mysterious Kamen rider IXA (1st) appears & Turns out to be Jiro (Garulu) & later Otoya. Maya appers. Rook is defeated by Yuri using IXA.

1987: King dies. Otoya dies. Kotaro becomes Kamen rider Black & Nobiko becomes Shadow Moon. Kamen rider 1, V3, & Agito time traval to this time in order to fight a alien who worked with Shocker. Wataru is born and is taken care of by Kivat 3rd who may or may not have been born at this time.

1988: Battle Hopper Dies. Gorgom is Destroyed. Ryotaro is born. The 4 den-o & Zeronos fight Gaoh. Gaoh dies.

1989: Ryotaro is 1 year old lol. Shiro Kanzaki disappered and created the 13 rider decks.

1990: Tendou bring a big # censored # meteor full of worms to crash in another big # censored # metor full of worms Tendou then gives his yonger self the Kabuto Zecter belt.

1992: Shin is turned into Kamen rider Shin. Crisis Epire comes to take over earth. Kamen rider black dies but is reborn as Kamen rider Black RX. Battle hopper is revied as Acrobatter. Shadow moon Comes back for payback.

1993: Masaru awakens as Kamen rider ZO and Kills Doras. Kamen rider 1 teams up with Ultraman. The past ten riders comes back to help Black RX. Crisis Empire is destroyed.

1994: Koji is reborn as Kamen rider J and destroys FOG. J teams up with ZO to fight Shadow Moon.

1997: Seig is sent to this time in order to survive.

2000: The Gourgi are revived. Yuusuke becomes Kuuga. By this time I think Shochi became the 2nd Agito & Kaoru became Another agito.

2001: The Gourgi are destroyed. The Overlords Awakend. Hikawa becomes Kamen rider G3 (and then G3-X) Ashihara becomes Kamen rider Gills. Yuji kiba dies.

2002: shiro dies from the G4 suit. Kaoru dies. the Lords are defeated & the Overlord of Darkness left Earth. The rider war begins. Ren becomes Kamen rider Knight. Shinji become Kamen rider Ryuki. Shuichi becomes Kamen rider Zolda. Takashi becomes Kamen rider Ouja.

2003: Shinji dies. Shuichi dies. Takashi dies. Ren is the winner of the rider war. time is reversed so the rider war never happened. Takumi becomes Kamen rider Faiz. Masato becomes Kamen rider Kaixa. Yuji kiba is reborn as the horse ophonich. Shuji becomes Kamen rider Delta. Kamen rider Gaia awakens from his slumber

2004: Kiba becomes Kaixa. Kiba dies & The Kaixa gear is destroyed. the ophonich are Defeated but the ophonic king is still alive. Kenzaki appears as Kamen rider blade & Tachibana appears as Kamen rider Garren. The undead seal is broken. Hajami appears as Kamen rider Chalice. Mutsuki becomes Kamen rider Leangle.

2005: the Undead are re-sealed. Kenzaki becomes the Navy Joker. the makamou attack Kamen rider Hibiki appears. Kamen rider Ibuki appears. Todayama becomes Kamen rider Toodorki.

2006: Zanki dies. hell breaks loose. The mamakou go into hiding. the worms amerg. Tendou becomes Kamen rider Kabuto. Kagami becomes Kamen rider Gatack. Hiroyi turns out to be a native.

2007: the worms used ZECT almost to turn eveyone into a worm. the worms are dead. imagin appear. Ryotaro finds the rider pass & makes a contract with Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, & Ryutaros. Ryotaro becomes Kamen rider Den-o. Yuto (young) & Deneb appear as Kamen rider Zeronos. Kai appears.

2008: Hana is turned out to be the Daughter of Yuto (old) & Airi. Kai & most of the imagin dies. the Fangires reappaer Wataru & Kivat appear as Kamen rider Kiva. Nago appers as Kamen rider IXA. Ryotaro is turned into Kamen rider Yu-ki. Kamen rider Den-o & Zeronos return to fight with Kiva aganst Negataros. Tatslot appears. Taiga appears as Saga. Rook is killed by Megumi using IXA. Mio dies by the hands of that bastard Bishop.

????: Negataros is destroyed by Den-o in denliner, Zeronos in Zero liner & Kiva with Castle Doran

2009: Taiga becomes Dark Kiva. The first King is resurrected but is later killed Nago Kills Bishop (FINALLY) and marries Megumi. some orange fruitcup saying he's Wataru's son appears as the NEW Kiva. Kamen rider Decade appears.
Sometime in the future: Kotaro Nogami is born is contracted to Teddy & becomes Kamen rider NEW Den-o. Orange fruitcup is born as well as Kivat 4th and becomes "NEW Kiva" I smell Climax Deka 2!.

2010: The Begin night tragedy happened ,the born of kamen rider W!!


  1. bapak ah, ni info baru ni...ko bt ke timeline ni?

  2. mane kamen rider PAI dlm sejarah ko ni?

    fail betol la ko dlm sejarah...

    baek ko study sejarah filem je...

  3. gahgah..maaf lah kamen rider pai aku xdapat kelulusan lagi dari sang pendekar laut,ngenge..ohya timeline aku jumpa kat laman sesawang tapi aku ada perbaiki sket plot hole yang berjaya dikesan.selamat.

  4. damn..my beloved gundik buat sejarah kamen rider..dude..sorry gua penat sgt malam aritu xdpt nak roger2 lepak..

  5. sudahla jamil,aku letak jawatan la camni.jadi khadam lagi bagus !!

  6. aku follow cite kamen rider tp x se follow ko...die hard rrr

  7. hahaha ~tak adalah kita sama berkongsi minat sahaja ya !


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