Oct 5, 2010

0 FOOTBALL kits.the very BEST 1

I want to get some of these kits .
wearing it proudly on the street so people will noticing my existence in this world

Caribous of Colorado.Genuine football kits from American league so to speak

What for the splash of tomato on your shirt.These Athletic Bilbao shirt will haunt your dream tho'
Releasing out the tiger in you.That's what Hull City always hoped for when they play with these shirt
So artsy kind of thing..and it makes me want to listen in some of coldplay track.Dundee United
Fly around the world with JAL.That's some kind of advertisement within Shimizu S Pulse of J-League's shirt.
The Stade Francais shirt from couple season ago was really something.I prefer this kit rather than the rest above !!

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