Aug 6, 2011

0 1st pic of MAN OF THE STEEL.... WTF ?!!

WTF !!!!
epic fail at it best

" Though I agree that Sup-man shouldn't be a Christopher Reeves clone, I also don't think he should look like a mobster going to a Halloween party. Cavill looks solid and mean in the 'Immortals' trailer, and I'd prefer they use that look but with a Sup-man suit. But this first image doesn't do it. He doesn't look bad-a*ss at all...he looks more like a criminal using sup-man's suit to rob a bank . " - FAN 1

"Henry Cavill...SUCKS!!!! He looks more like bizarro than Superman. He's the reason why I'm back reading Marvel and its new movies." - FAN 2

"Bring back Brandon Routh !! err.. Dean Cain, anybody ?? " - eswandyasre

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