Jan 22, 2010


Tryin' to catch up with a Toku wave lately ,and there are many things that i've discovered happening within me,in my daily life ,where i am the leading role ..and the fucked up one .

Aku dah evolve .Current issue yang dibawakan dalam kamen rider seems stupid for me.Nope,mungkin aku masih stuck dalam diri aku yang berumur 6 tahun ,The Kid really amazed with the Black whenever the Black engaged in battle,win the Black must.Tapi bila aku re-check balik,sama jek,issue dulu juga macam skang gak,btw,the show was meant for the kids.

Nowadays,the leading role looks so feminin compared with the actor on those days,i mean after Hibiki-san ,start with Tendou Souji .mungkin juga sebab rating siri ini yang sekarang ini banyak dipengaruhi oleh kaum Hawa.Of course many of them prefer the "jambu" ones to lead a role.lagi satu ,production pun dapat profit by selling the actor looks,dowang leh jual photo-book,strategy yang quite popular kat Jepun.

But as the title said ,"i'm a tokusatsu real asshole" .Once they got me ,it is forever.Fuck you,wandy .

~sending regards to my old self


  1. ak sokong pendapat ko,

    bilelah leading role nk jadi mcm Tetsuo Kurata a.k.a. Kamen Rider Black, cite yg x bercampur komedi byk sgt, n storyline yg serius mcm V3 @ black. bg ak Kamen Rider ZO best jgk sebab keseriusan nye.....

    kamen rider skrg pn da mcm nk lebihkn komersil je...tpi betul jgk, mmg dibuat utk budak2 pn...

    tokusatsu skrg ni pn, da x mcm dlu...da budak2 sgt.

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