Jan 20, 2010

2 W stand for me

It's such a long journey that i've been through since i got lost in the world of Decade,in the world they so called-parallel world.Urgh!!never expect that the movie:all rider v dai shocker will turn to such a crappy junk.what a waiste,really not worth waitin'..no offence to a zillion of decade's fans out there...it really doesnt fit in my shoes.sorry.i'm out

At last,here come the 11th installment of the Heisei riders,the hero that will continue the legacy of my childhood dreams that has been destroyed by the voice of Tsukasa that really annoyed me "itch,itch,itch ....."2 people combining to form a rider will do this justice for me ?WTF they are thinking!!This previous masked rider that had easily knocking out the legendary Shadow moon in the Decade's movie are called kamen rider W ~Double

The series has been running up to 17 eps for now and to be honest ,it is hard for me,i mean EXTREMELY hard for me to catch up the tempo of this series..

-The concept : the needed of 2 man to do a henshin:Shotaro n Philip ..very uncool except for those comedy element they put on that sometimes got me.

-The storyline : i like the drag-on storyline style but W carry on the concept of monster of the week storyline style,maybe because this series were handled by the production who's been charge for the sentai series before .

-The Graphic : Too many CGI even on the scene that CGI are not needed.e.g:the scene where the monster came out from the water .They use cgi to realise this scene compare to old series where they use the real suit actor to do the acting.It is more realistic !!!!

-The monster design : look so plastic and the design has a smilarity to the sentai series kind of monster.it really has turned me down by the fact that the designer who create the monster in W are somewhat popular for his work in Blood:the last vampire.

Overall,i do hope that there will be a massive development in the storyline,character development through the series ,more conflict and furious villains on upcoming episodes of W .

After all , the series was written by the most favourite mangaka of mine ,Mr.Riku Sanjo , the writer behind the creation of the beautiful manga,Misteri Naga ,teamed with Koji Inada sensei .I do put a lot of faith in his work !!!!




  1. maybe it worth watching it.who knows?

  2. yeah ..i do watching it,after all kamen rider really kick ass..at least fo me !!haha


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