Sep 30, 2010

0 Goseiger Ep.2 Update !! -Girls in Tokusatsu i Loved Most-

Mika Chiba as  Tomoko Uesugi in Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop series is on my top list.So much into her when i was a child.Up till now i think she still hot !!..or maybe its just my sense of nostalgia that brought me to include her in my list !!!!

 Who's here ever remember about Reiko Momoi ??!!!!Forgot ma?....i dont give a damn because i'll always do !love her.She's nice with her short hair cut that resemble her a bit with my favourite actress,Ryoko Hirosue !!Her actual name is Sayaka Kuon and she was in Kamen Rider Ryuki series back in 2002!!
Lucky Clover Lobster's Girl,Saeko Kageyama are here in my list !!The real world recognised her as Waka.I like her perfomance in 555.She is pure sexy and wut a badass she can be when she get angry !!!! Her persona really got me !!
Wakana Matsumoto as Airi Nogami in Den-O.I think i have fall in love with her.She's just a pure beauty isn't !!Remember how those two comical figures keep chasing her attention in Den-O series(somehow i forgot their name..err) can include me too if its for airi~sama !!
Koume "Umeko" Kodou/Dekapink!!Arggggghhhh~What a cutiey !!First of all i thought that theres no female character in Sentai series that i loves to include in my horny list here,haha..and suddenly this cute Mika Kikuchi jump in my mind defeating Marika Reimon ,Jasmine who play as Deka Yellow in the same series Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger.Unfortunalety ,Mika has married to Yuji Kishi,whose 13 years more senior to her and also a  Red Carranger !!

Enough with the "horny" list.For those who loves Goseiger,i've updated Epic 2 here!!Do check it out ♥

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