Oct 1, 2010

1 Bola Sepak Malaysia-hidup Johor FC-


I ♥ football & definitely ♥ Malaysian football.Rooting for Johor and lately have been rooting for Johor FC just because that is my own country,my land, where i came and live in this so called fucked up world ~and now became a spoiled brat.

Recently there's some rumours ..oh nope,some plan,stupid plan which came from the people so called politician and they act like they know about football and was born for football..but what they just did is just for their own purpose..WTF are they thinking to combine Johor with Johor FC to form one ultimate team ,Johor itself under one banner.Is it to save Johor that has been relegated from super league this season from playing in the lower premier league standard by sweeping away Johor fc that by far,way stronger than Johor in any aspect, so that they can play again in the super league, same strategy that been used by Pahang when they got relegated from the Malaysian SuperLeague  by the sudden changes  in the format of league that will allowing Pahang to play in superleague at last.Again.and again by the power of authoritative itself,laying in the hand of capitalist~the politician~.

Jais Sarday ,the president of Johor Fa is the one who came up with this cheesy idea.He said we can not have 2 team in  Johor.For this man who have no idea what is the pleasure of football,he thought that if we have 2 separate teams in a country, we will lost many good talent.How..how this thing can be happen man??For me its good to have a good competition between players and  that can only be happen  if we have more team  in Johor .

FAM.You are to blame.Every changes you made each 2 years just ruining our football scene and it always happen when the authorities are changed ...and now is the issue of welcoming back the import player.Oh..Malaysian football are rottening ~

We definitely need HELP

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