Oct 2, 2010

1 The Emergence and The Fall of Japanese Anime in Malaysia

From Mospeada to the new era of japanese animation here which included new gen of animation from the likes of One Piece,Naruto(yeap..the highest popularity),Bleach and maybe Fairy Tale(not so well known here) ,the japanese animation here in Malaysia has survives through any form of changes,they sure have their own glorious moment but also harsh times too.

The phenomenon of Japanese anime has rised in the early of 80's when the color TV were introduced vastly in Malaysia.On that time..we only have 3 channels in our list.That is the time when children in M'sia were introduced by anime for the first time ,besides American cartoon .

First group of anime landed in Malaysia on those era are Moespeda,Patlabour,and some are taken from the adaptations from Japanese anime by American such as Robotech(from Macross franchise) ,Voltron and also Siber Rider and the Star Sheriff.Well,from the looks,we should know that they are all the mecha anime and mecha anime are well recieved on those times along with Transformers from America which is such a big hit that time.Sadly,we didnt got chance to have a spectacular Gundam series in Malaysia and we have to wait until i think early 2000 when Gundam Seed were shown on TV2 and that is the 1st time Gundam appeared to the Malaysian audience.

90's for me is like the golden era for japanese anime here.The popularity was so high and children across malaysia were so crazy about anime.This is due to the popularity of Doraemon ,Dragon Ball(even older audience like to watch it !!),Dash Yankuro(such a phenomenal to Malaysian kids!),Kickers(football anime similar to Captain Tsubasa) and some rare anime like Tomato Man,Ultraman Kid,Daddy Long Legs and Slayers.Anime are blooming well that time.It appeared not only on TV but also popular in any form ~cassete video,toys,comics,sticker and everything~It became a pop culture in Malaysia.

Here come the new milleneum,the 2000 ,where we were introduced with Sin Chan ,Naruto ,One Piece ,Pokemon ,Digimon ,Shaman King,Samurai X  and so many anime that not only we can watch by TV but also by  buying  vcd or dvd wheter its original or piracy,and popular trend now is to download it from internet,its easy and free and simply what we Malaysian loves!!
But here come the bad News.Recently,there are some ideas from Datuk Mohd Hussain Shafie a man behind Pengerusi Lembaga Penapis Filem (LPF), the organisation who supervised and do filtration to any types of media in Malaysia,that want to reduce anime entry greatly in M'sia because he stated that there are so much violence and sexy -babe,soft porn (hentai) exposed freedomly in anime that are not suitable for Malaysia younger audience therefore must be disposed from Malaysian TV.On my opinian-lah..somewhat i agree with this suggestion and action,but on the other hand ,against it.
Is it the fall of anime in M'sia ??or the audience in Malaysia can not recieved serious theme for their watching pleasure..this problem also occured to our filmmakers who only produced light and mild film than outside production.Somehow i got sick by this matter ~PEACE~

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  1. Just came across this article, nice one. Those so called authority retards can do whatever they want, we can always get our sources via the internet. :D

    An article I wrote concerning this matter a few months back:
    Jangan Salahkan Anime!


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