Nov 24, 2010

4 Dipika Pallikal - Squash Hot Babe

In the morning that I can never forget, as usual I read kosmo as my breakfast and as usual as there is, I will open the sports page first and skip other news.This time ,I was interested to read about the development of Malaysian's squash squad in Asia's most prestige sport festival ,being held in Guangzhou ,China.Of course ,i do not have any intention at all about the achievement because as far as i concern,Malaysia are doing very well in this sport ,some sort like otai-lah.and as i'm writing this article ,Malaysia has won 2 gold medals from Datuk Nicol Ann David,our no.1 World player ,nicknamed Robot for her playing style  and Azlan Is- kandar from their respective individual category.Then ,suddenly ,my viewing pleasure has been bothered !! by one hot babe spotted in the picture with Datuk Nicol Ann David !!Who owns this beautiful figure that keep bothering my mind for quite some times ??i'm so so so so desperately want to know the answer and ~ tadaaaa

Taken from Kosmo 23/11/2011
The owner of this beautiful hot figure is Dipika Pallikal also known as Dipika Rebecca Pallikal.She is a squash player from India. She was born on 21 September 1991. She played her first international tournament in London when she was in her sixth grade, and till date, Dipika has won the German Open, Dutch Open, French Open, Australian Open, Scottish Open on the European Junior Squash Circuit.

Here i have gathered some of her beautiful pic for you to have a better sight in her Lets Skodeng !!

Walah !!Truly ,fuckin' hot babe !!!!.I always think of woman in sport are so sexy !!


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