Dec 1, 2010

1 R.I.P Leslie Nielsen

     The white-haired doctor in the 1980 memorable hit "Airplane!" and the hillarious detective in 1988's comedy films "The Naked Gun" series, has taken his last flight, but Canadian-born actor Leslie Nielsen, who died Sunday at the age of 84, will continue to make comedy fans laugh.

      First watch him as a Detective Frank Derbin in The Naked Gun series ,as far as i remember in Movie Magic slot on TV2 when i was a kid and kid do loves comedy kind of films do you ?Rapid fire, and i can't stop laughing ,even nowadays i can still laughing out loud when i watch Leslie Nielsen perfomance in the series !! My kind of comedy. "The Naked Gun" has some of the biggest laughs in a movie that I've ever seen.

     You will always be remembered - R.I.P Leslie Nielsen ,one of the GREATEST comedian if not in the world always be in my heart !

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  1. Yup, baru beberapa hari lepas dia gol, tua dah dia ni. Teringat lagi cerita Spy Hard, aku tengok wayang tu cerita ni dulu. R.I.P., lawak-lawak lucahmu akan selalu kuingati. He he he...


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