Jan 8, 2011

3 Alex Ferguson praised Liverpool

Alex Ferguson

 "Kenny was a tremendous player, absolutely tremendous. I would have paid to have seen him play. I loved the way he could hold the ball up and make goals as well as score them."


  1. Kau salah quote. Yang kau bagi quote dari Ron Yeats.

    Ni quote dari Alex Ferguson. "Kenny had unbelievable vision and strength as a player. He was really aware of people around him. He had great balance and was a good finisher, courageous too. People often forget that the one quality great players need is courage. Kenny is as brave as a lion. He would take a kick from anyone and come back for more. Kenny is a man I shall always respect."

  2. hahaha~akhirnya aku berjaya menggea kau melawat ke laman web liverpool ,hahahaha^^

  3. Liv skang dah mantap..leh post bebanyak...jom ke blog saya jugak..tq...i follow...:-)


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