Oct 7, 2010

0 Woman loves men's armpit-Goseiger episode 3 update ♥♥♥ !!!

Is it only a myth??or is it a fact that for so long  hard for woman to admit it ?.That they craving for men's armpit in searching for "calmness" ?According to a study by a US research team which was elaborated on by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, women are physically “calmed” by the smell.

FYI,Male sweat contains one or more chemical signaling compounds, known as pheromones, that can affect both a woman’s state of mind and her reproductive hormone levels.So boys,the more sweaty you are and the more woman will get attracted into you !!!Woman might get disturbed when they heard about this case of study but trust you will,that these woman actually might also find this article fascinating in some other way.Boys,lets start wearing sleeveless or singlet on the street so that all the girl can sense and distracted with our pesona .Oh that must be the reason why Pak Arab here in Malaysia always wearing that kind of shirt ,to show how hairy their armpit were so then woman will noticing how great pheromones they have in their body !!!!

So girl,stop sengih-sengih and tersipu-sipu  if you happen to read this article,dan lelaki pula jangan pulak cuba mencium  ketiak sendiri sejurus selepas membaca artikel ini dengan tujuan to test your own power.Nanti  dikhuatiri akan terjurus kepada kesifatan narcasissm(menyintai diri sendiri) kerana jatuh cinta pada bau ketiak sendiri !Dan mujur pada wanita yang sudah berkahwin,cepat-cepatlah hug suami kamu ,apatah lagi yang baru pulang dari kerja ,because in that particular time ,ketiak suami kamu akan mengeluarkan aura pheromone yang paling kuat !!..dan kesan yang kamu akan terima hanya dua iaitu ~pengsan ataupun bersin dengan girangnya ~hahaha!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
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"The Power of Men's Armpit will changes the World !!!!!!! "

Besides,here the latest update from Goseiger series epic 3.You can download from here.

Liverpool news for 7 Oct 2010 update !!!!!!

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